BODEGAS FUNDADOR is a company dedicated to the Production of Sherry Wines, Brandies de Jerez and Spirit Drinks. For this purpose, BODEGAS FUNDADOR is in the business of Aging, Blending, Bottling and Shipping to Distribution Centers of these products, as well as others that use the raw materials obtained by these processes, such as the production of grapes, wine distillates, Holandas, Brandy and Rectified Must Concentrate. BODEGAS FUNDADOR, aware that its activities are related to the Food Safety and Quality of the beverages it produces, as well as to the Environment and the Safety of its workers, has defined this Safety Policy – Occupational Health, Food Safety, Quality and Environment as a commitment to all its activities.

The first pillar of our business culture is to provide a safe and healthy workplace for both our workers and those companies that carry-out activities in our facilities.

Another basic pillar is the production of quality products in compliance with current laws and safe for our customers.

We are aware that our raw materials come from nature and our processes can cause environmental impacts on soil, water and air. Our activities would not be feasible without the support of the environment in which we operate and therefore, we consider it necessary to preserve it for the long-term viability of our business. Therefore, it is our main interest in this regard to take into consideration the care and respect for the environment as another of the pillars of our business culture.

Therefore, BODEGAS FUNDADOR is committed to:

  • Integrate risk prevention into each of the processes and operations that take place in all workplaces.
  • Employee commitment ensuring Food Safety and Quality of our products and services, respecting the environment, and maintaining the prestige of our brands
  • Develop a culture of Continuous Improvement “Lean Manufacturing”, with the objective of achieving excellence in Safety Management System – Occupational Health, Food Safety, Quality and Environment among internationally recognized standards
  • Provide a framework for action that serves as a starting point to establish and review objectives of Safety – Occupational Health, Food Safety, Quality and Environment as part of a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • To strictly comply with the applicable laws governing the nature of our business and our processes, as well as any other requirement that the organization subscribes.
  • Evaluate and plan the activities to develop to reduce and eliminate the risks of accidents and incidents and minimize the consequences of these if they happen.
  • Fully satisfy our customer and consumer food safety and quality demands and expectations.
  • Prevent and control environmental pollution and contamination, minimizing waste, disposal and emissions, guaranteeing adequate treatment, reuse or recycling where possible.
  • Optimize processes and adapt facilities to control and reduce the consumption of natural resources (water, energy, etc.).
  • Foster teamwork and participation by all members, based on the framework of ethical responsibility, as well as training our employees so that everyone has better understanding and skillset at the individual level.
  • To promote the use of problem solving tools by our employees that support the consistent and sustainable resolution of incidents that arise as activities are carried out.
  • Collaborate with public agencies in the protection, improvement of the environment and conservation of biodiversity, as well as offer our customers, employees, visitors and community an attractive environmental setting.

Reviews shall be carried out to ensure compliance and keep this policy and its objectives up to date, as well as the implementation of continuous improvement in Safety – Occupational Health, Food Safety, Quality, and Environment in BODEGAS FUNDADOR.

With the active participation of all staff, who are individually and collectively responsible for our behavior, and with mine as the leading manager, we shall all incorporate Safety – Occupational Health of all, the Food Safety and Quality of the products that we produce and the Protection of the Environment into our global strategy. To demonstrate such commitments, we will publicly make it available to any interested party.

This policy has been communicated to all our employees and those who work on behalf of BODEGAS FUNDADOR.


Rafael Rendón

General Manager

Bodegas Fundador

Jerez a 4 April 2018